Christmas Special: Website Creation

Offer your support this festive season to the future business success of the entrepreneur on your Christmas List:

The “Hand-Holding” Website Creation Special

This is the ideal gift for the family artisan/tradesman, home-based business person or community group manager.

Using a mixture of coaching and training in website creation, administration and search engine optimisation, your favourite entrepreneur (that might even be you!) will quickly develop and build a new website (or improve an existing site) while benefitting from hand-holding, personal support throughout the process.

Your gift will boost their business with an effective online presence while providing knowledge and skills to attract new customers and minimise the need to rely on, or pay for, on-going support.

Special Christmas Offer!

Starting from only 299euros

The Christmas gift suggestions I offer this year are designed to help you relieve a little stress for the entrepreneur on your Christmas list. I’m passionate about helping people learn better ways to promote their business and I’ll work hard to ensure your gift will be long-lasting and appreciated.

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“Hand-Holding Website Creation” Gift

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The honest truth:

This gift is intended to provide your recipient with new skills to create, manage and promote a website/blog. There is learning and work involved!

• In order for your gift recipient to develop a better understanding going forward this is a ‘hands-on’ website build. They will be creating and building a website with assistance throughout. Therefore an internet connection is required and familiarity and comfort in using the internet would, of course, be beneficial.

• Your gift recipient will need to be willing to invest time, and brain cells, to complete the project successfully! However, building your own site can be a very rewarding experience and the knowledge gained will save their business, or project, time and money in the future.

• ‘Hand-holding’ can be provided live online via free-to-use Skype. No travel is required and the site can be created comfortably from home most anywhere.

• Text for the site is to be supplied. Guidance in writing text for the web and a final review is included. Full website copywriting will cost extra but it is an available option.

• We will be using the WordPress Content Management System to create the website. This system is popular around the world because it is easy-to-use and has a huge support community.

• Complex website requirements (for example multi-product e-commerce sites or portals) are not included in this offer. However the initial website may be a starting point to build on later. Let’s discuss before you decide to purchase this gift.

• Premium WordPress themes, if required, may add 30-35euros to the cost and come with additional technical support. I can offer advice on using premium themes.

• Advice and assistance for domain name selection and hosting is included, the purchase cost of those services however is not. I prefer to guide the website owner through the process of getting their website hosted and I want them to own it and have easy access and skills to edit files, if need be, in the future (without continuously having to pay someone else to do it). Domain name registration and website hosting will cost on average 60-100euros per year with email. There are free options that may be suitable.

Ronald is available to discuss and confirm all costs and details with you before you purchase this amazing gift for your favourite entrepreneur.

tel: +33 (0)6 74 36 54 43
or email

• Your Gift Certificate will be posted to arrive before Christmas. Late orders can be sent by email for printing if required.

• Your gift recipient will receive a Christmas email (on Christmas Day or a day you specify) with instructions on how to get the ball rolling. They will also receive materials for reading in advance of our time online together, instructions on how to connect via Skype and a Website Planning Worksheet.

• Your Gift Certificate will be valid until December 2011.

• Payment is in advance. Secure PayPal is available.

• Stocks Limited! Act Fast!

• Our open discussion before you purchase this gift is intended to help you determine whether or not your recipient will be up for the challenge. In the (hopefully) unlikely event that your gift recipient gets cold feet, the gift can be transferred to someone else. This is a special offer and refunds may only be available in exceptional circumstances.

• The creation process will follow this general format:

- Discussion: the ‘real’ goals of the business/project/website (get it right from day one and everything is so much easier later on)
- Scheduling our time together
- Introduction to SEO (Search Engine Optimising – we want to be found online so everything we do will refer back to this!)
- Keyword research (it’s important from day one and can be interesting too)
- Site structure planning
- Content preparation (text, photos): There will be homework to do!
- WordPress theme selection (kind of like picking wallpaper: it takes a little bit of time) / domain name / hosting setup
- Site build
- Using the administration dashboard
- Blogging
- Feedback from friends
- Edits
- Launch and promotion ideas

To discuss this incredible offer and unique Christmas Gift, please contact Ronald today on +33 (0)6 74 36 54 43 or email:

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