Social Media Manager

Don’t have time to manage a blog or build a social media presence? The Social Media Manager service is an ideal solution for busy business managers.

Tailored to your specific needs it can include everything from setting up the appropriate social media accounts to building ‘followers’ and ‘friends’ and generating interest with relevant information. We can also provide coaching sessions to you and your staff highlighting how to use social media to benefit your business and help you keep an eye on what your competitors are doing.

Drive traffic – Get noticed
For less than the cost of your own time!

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You may also want to enhance your presence in front of potential clients by sharing videos, podcasts, product photos, mobile networking, or special promotions. Each of these services, and others, are available including production and editing.

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Sharing new ideas and fresh information about your business

The role of marketing and communications has changed. Like yourself, potential clients are using the internet more and more.  Two-way communication is expected. Traditional marketing communications methods are enhanced when supported by a continous online presence and social interaction.

Engage potential customers – improve sales

Your freelance social media manager will work hard to engage your customers where they gather and drive quality visitors to your website or business location. You’ll gain a continuous online presence for your business.

Social Media brings opportunities – if you don’t have the time, we do!