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Business managers, and entrepreneurs starting a business, can easily reduce marketing costs and gain an advantage over competitors more quickly with the experience of a professional marketing consultant.

Affordable 1-to-1 marketing coaching ‘cuts through the noise’ and helps business managers discover effective strategies, marketing ideas and solutions to attract more customers – with less effort and cost!

Practical, relevant marketing advice

Develops effective marketing ideas for your business

With an unique mixture of coaching, consulting and brainstorming, Ronald Smith helps business managers like you to discover the best marketing and communications options to suit your budget, time, business and customer.

I provide modern marketing and communications advice in one-on-one sessions. I guide busy managers through all of the ‘how-to-market-your-business’ noise.

You’ll be able to move forward confidently and quickly as you market and promote your business.

Clients learn to avoid common, expensive or time-wasting mistakes and work efficiently towards attracting loyal customers using both traditional and innovative, digital marketing ideas.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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In your personal marketing coaching session you can:

Find marketing solutions for your business challenges
Discover time-efficient ways to promote your business
Discuss how to improve your visibility on search engines
Plan graphic design, websites, or advertising
Benefit from a network of trusted marketing and creative suppliers
…and more!
We’ll focus on marketing ideas that deliver the best value to your business.

Practical advice from an experienced marketing consultant is less expensive than “learning lessons the hard way”!

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Spend less and stress less. It makes sense!


One-on-One sessions provide guidance while facing typical challenges :

• Developing an effective and realistic marketing strategy
• Locating your new business clients / attracting customers
• Converting “Just Looking” website vistiors into more sales
• Purchasing small business creative services more efficiently
Planning and building websites that work
• Understanding search engine optimisation – developing your strategy
• Promoting your small business through social media and networking
• Dealing with other marcomms challenges facing growing businesses or self-employed professionals.

Sessions are tailored to your business and situation for maximum benefit. Together we can discuss your marketing options, identify new ideas and marketing opportunities, write ‘calls-to-action’ and set goals.

We’ll find solutions to existing problems and prevent future ones. The ‘big picture’ will be clearer and you’ll have gained knowledge to reduce future costs.

Lasting Benefits

• Build effective strategies

• Reduce marketing costs

• Develop practical solutions

• Create attractive messages

• Gain knowledge

• Focus on what works

• Get Tools and Tips

• More business!


Alain Cadorette, Director AZ Consulting, Netherlands :
“Ronald really knows what he’s doing! He provided REAL VALUE on how I present my business’ personality to clients…passion, value and excellent customer service!”

Karen Bridgwater, MedEdEurope, France :
“Thanks to Ronald, I’ll be doing more of the work I love doing and less of the stuff that wasn’t working. He knows so much about marketing and what websites can do, full of ideas.”

Marie Mathers, The Lofts, Toulouse, France :
“So many helpful ideas! Marketing our short-term rental apartments in Toulouse is a lot more fun knowing I’m not wasting my time!”

Martin Mowat, Property Portal :
“Great help! Thanks for teaching this old dog some new tricks!”


How does the Marketing Coach service work?

Simple. Just complete and send the contact form below.

We’ll agree a convenient time to meet online via Skype (better) or on the telephone.

How long is each session and how much will it cost?

Each session is 1-1/2 hours. You’ll receive a lot of information to use in your business for a long time to come. (Clients find that one hour is too short and any longer than 1-1/2 hours and we’ll lose our concentration!) If you have a business partner, both of you can participate.

Your investment:
The first session : $169 / £110 / 125€
Additional sessions as you feel necessary : $139 / £89 / 99€

You’ll need a pen and paper to take your own notes if you prefer, but I’ll be emailing a recap to you after our call.

Easy payment in advance by cheque or secure PayPal.

On-going Support:
Marketing Coaching session clients are also be able request on-going assistance and feedback – great for quick guidance or a second opinion on new sales copy or press releases, for example. Available by email / telephone / Skype.
One month – $139 / £89 / 99€

Three months – $375 / £239 / 265€

A guarantee…? Of course.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the information you take away from your marketing and communications coaching session, I will gladly return the full fee.
Nothing to lose and a lot of information to gain!

You’ll be able to spend less time worrying about how you’re going to attract new business and have more time to do what you do best – providing a quality product or service to your clients.


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About Marketing Consultant & Coach Ronald Smith

“We’re living in a world full of innovation and change. Modern marketing and communications is exciting and full of opportunities for your business – everything’s easier when you know where to start, look, or who and what to ask.”

Ronald Smith – with a “gold-mine of marcomms knowledge” and a passion for sharing it – helps growing businesses benefit from modern business marketing and communications techniques.

“I’ve got strong strategic, creative and technical production skills so my passion is naturally the efficient development, targetting and delivery of company messages that attract new customers. I want business managers to achieve effective results while keeping an eye on their budget.”

Over 30 years:

• Ronald has worked on both agency and client sides – in the UK, North America and France. He’s been the ‘assistant’ and the ‘manager’, the ‘production director’ and the ‘group account director’, the ‘trainer’ and the ‘consultant’.

• Clients/employers have ranged from local businesses to government organisations, national property developers to international aerospace companies.

• He shares skills in market planning, research, targetting, coaching, branding, advertising, design and creative, production, internet site creation, blogging and social media. (phew!)