These days, how you communicate is just as important as what you communicate – making the design of your marketing materials of key concern. Done well, design can attract new customers AND save you money in the long run.

Attractive designs produced with creativity, technical skill and cost-effective innovation.
• Logos/branding  •  Print  •  Websites
•  Exhibitions  •  Advertising….
Two design services to help growing businesses succeed:
In-House Design Management Coaching:

Information and advice delivered in personal coaching sessions that will help your business avoid common or costly mistakes when purchasing design and planning production. You’ll discover how to:

– brief creative people for best results,
– judge and select the right design,
– plan the production process and stay on track,
– negotiate with printers or website programmers, and
– develop skills to help you save money again and again.

Whether you’re producing a suite of professional sales materials or contemplating asking your “very-creative-with-big-computer” friend for a logo design (sometimes that’s all a business needs!!), you’ll acquire professional guidance so you get it right – the first time!

Ask about design coaching…

Professional design management and production services

We’ll handle the full design process for you. You’ll be able to concentrate on doing what you do best.

When you consider the cost of your time and my preferred partner rates – this service is unlikely to cost more than you would be paying if managing the project yourself or assigning the task to a less experienced colleague. We will:

– Produce written design briefs
– Select and negotiate with designers possessing relevant skills
– Ensure design and artwork quality to avoid production errors
– Provide production schedules
– Source print, digital or other suppliers
– Negotiate for best price and value
– Deliver quality work for less!


Design is an investment for your business.
Clever entrepreneurs always invest wisely.


Over the years we’ve produced design projects for a huge range of business types – from stationery design for solo entrepreneurs to corporate branding and advertising campaigns for international aerospace companies.

Time and money are only saved during the design process when you are able to pinpoint who, what, when, where and why the design will benefit – while thinking creatively, technically and innovatively. That’s how we’ve saved a lot of money for businesses that have put their trust in smithmarcomms.

Simply contact us to discuss your needs and receive a proposal for your consideration.