Website Creation & Management

We can help you get your business online in one of two ways:  by coaching you through the development and website management process or by creating an effective website design and managing your online presence.

Our Website Coaching Option:

Coaching gives you a head start when you want to build an effective website in-house, or, when you need to learn more about managing your website or web suppliers. We’ll explore your options, discuss how to get the website you need and/or what to do once you’ve got it – with the goal of gaining the right skills to manage your online presence efficiently in the future.

A single Website Creation coaching session is just $169 / £110 / 125€.

• advice on setting up host servers

• a worksheet and valuable advice to plan your site structure

• advice on content and marketing to suit your website goals

• skills to start building a website yourself or to manage and negotiate with suppliers

• a review meeting (online or telephone) to answer questions and keep you on track

Your time investment will provide exceptional value to your business in the future.

Let’s discuss our Website Coaching Option today

Additional coaching sessions can help you:

• learn how to optimise your site for search engines

• work with media files: photos, graphics, video, audio, pdf

• work with FTP…HTML…CSS

• find, activate and configure free plug-ins and widget tools

• blog writing, social networking and more.


Our Website Creation & Management Option:

When you want an effective website now! Full planning/design/and creative services to create effective websites for businesses, entrepreneurs, associations and more… We’ll discuss your site goals and requirements and provide a detailed written quotation. Contact me today. You won’t be disappointed.

Pricing is extremely competitive and varies dependant on complexity – We’ll discuss and agree a strategic plan for your website that will help your business avoid unnecessary expense or delays.

A website management option is also available – for small or large sites – including ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media networking. You and your staff will be able to concentrate on providing excellent products and services to your clients, confident your professional business website is being managed effectively.

Contact us today to discuss your website requirements…

topGone are the days when website creation and management was a big (and expensive) mystery. More and more tools are available, processes are getting easier, things you didn’t even know you needed to do are done “automatically”. The most important thing is that you maintain an effective online presence for your business.

Website creation, design and management doesn’t need to be complicated, time-consuming or expensive.