International Montessori School Grenade

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The International Montessori School in Grenade, just north of Toulouse, France, provides early childhood education, in an excellent french ‘country-house’ environment, following the renowned teaching methods of Maria Montessori.

The problem:

With up to 50 children coming and going everyday and all of the associated administration, there is little time left for marketing and communications. Yet to ensure enrolment in the school is constant from year to year, on-going promotion is necessary.

As a non-profit association, the International Montessori School, like so many others, has limited budget and resource. The principal teachers are also responsible for marketing the school and that falls outside their training.

The solution:

A short series of personal marketing and communication coaching sessions tailored to quickly provide knowledge and techniques to keep promotions on-going without constant management.

The sessions covered: how to promote visitors to their existing website using simple and free Google tools; understanding how search engines find businesses for internet users; what they needed to ask their website designer to do for better online visibility – why and how to ask for it; and a variety of new ‘offline’ methods to reach parents effectively.

The result:

I’ll let the principal teacher tell you…

Before your coaching sessions I honestly thought that marketing and communications was something that only big companies could do.  I assumed little guys – like our Montessori School – would just need to struggle along hoping that word-of-mouth would be enough to send us new students every year. I’ve worried about that often.

…I didn’t even know what Google Places was but now I’ve managed to get us listed and verified. I’ve researched our keywords and asked our website supplier to incorporate them. I’ve discovered things I didn’t know our competition was doing and I’m gaining confidence in an area that just caused me stress before.

It was a few hours of tough learning I admit, but I thank you for it and I know the school will definitely benefit.

Maria McAdam, Principal Teacher
International Montessori School Grenade

Isn’t that nice?

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