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The goal of the Breeze-France French property website is to provide an effective method for French estate agents to attract international/English-speaking property hunters.

The challenges:

There are many thousands of English-speakers looking for property in France each year, but French property advertisers are losing business because English-speaking companies or websites attract international clients more effectively.

While searching the internet using English web browers and typing phrases in English, international property hunters actually miss finding a huge amount of available properties placed online by French advertisers.

The solutions:

An attractive website offering human-edited translations of property descriptions.

Search engine optimisation for each and every advert – in English and French.

An online, bilingual chat service to help interested customers ask questions or arrange property visits – in their own language.

International site marketing and communications materials delivered in home markets.

The results:

This is an on-going project that Ronald has been involved with since conception. Complicated database programming is continually updated to improve the user experience.

Initial communications work has been effective with more than 800 advertisers now on board and over 25,000 property adverts live on the site. The next marketing phase has been planned and in production, including an increase in digital and social media marketing.

English-speaking property hunters are already enjoying easy access to a wider choice of available properties in France and both French property advertisers and their potential customers are starting to benefit from improved communication methods.

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