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I provide busy entrepreneurs with cost-effective marketing and communications solutions to attract new clients.

With knowledge and flair I help you identify affordable new marketing opportunities to promote your business.

With 30 years experience, I help you save money while creating and delivering attractive messages to potential clients.

More About Me…

Offline and Online

Whether you need planning, creative ideas and copywriting, print or digital production, website design and management, a social marketing campaign or simply want support while you to do-it-yourself, I can help.

I provide valuable experience, proven processes, modern tools and fresh ideas to efficiently produce your marketing and communications projects – online and offline.

Save time and money

The goal is to provide affordable, quality services that help entrepreneurs find, attract and engage potential customers.

You’ll discover marketing and communication activities that work for your business and you’ll avoid time-consuming and costly mistakes.

Contact me today to discuss your marketing goals and how I can help.