Consider Google’s new preview tool when you create a website

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Yesterday Google announced the introduction of a website preview tool on their Google Instant search result pages.

When browsing with Google Instant Preview you will now see a small magnifying glass appearing next to each site listed. When you click the magnifying glass a preview of the website page pops up and the portion of the site relevant to your search is highlighted. Read more »

Your free Google Account – the key to Google products for your business

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Google offers loads of free and extremely helpful marketing tools for businesses and solo / auto entrepreneurs – but first you have to create a free account… Read more »

A simple hand-written sign can attract new customers

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I love to see local businesses do something different to attract customers and a new boulangerie, in the small town where I live in southwest France, is doing just that.

“How many baguettes does this town need?” I remember thinking to myself when I saw another boulangerie about to open on the edge of town. “He’s going to have to work hard to pull me away from my favourite….Hey, what’s that sign taped to the lamp post?Read more »

Will new Google Instant affect small business marketing?

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Last week Google announced the introduction of Google Instant (in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia) and marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) pros across the internet are all abuzz with opinion Read more »

Hello and welcome!

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Thanks for dropping by. I hope this new blog helps you to get to know me better and encourages you to share helpful information, ask questions, find answers or just enjoy reading.

The goal is simple: to help busy entrepreneurs and small business owners improve marketing communications activites and find more clients!

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