With a “gold-mine” of marketing communications knowledge, Ronald Smith has consistently helped business teams develop and execute marketing communications activities that deliver on time, budget and goal.

Ronald Smith

“I have strong creative and technical production skills, so my passion is naturally the efficient creation, production and development of corporate messages that attract and retain customers. My focus is on preventing problems rather than solving them. I want businesses to achieve effective results while keeping an eye on their budget. “




An extensive career:

• In Canada, the UK and France, Ronald has worked on both agency and client sides in creative services, account management, production and team leadership roles.

• Ronald has planned and produced marketing communications campaigns, projects and events for a wide range of industries for over 30 years: from government, aerospace and professional services to property development, leisure, food & beverage and retail.

• Ronald naturally shares experience to continuously develop teams and refine work-flow processes. Marketing challenges have been consistently met and award-winning brand and customer communications have been efficiently produced.

A former employer kindly wrote:

I have never met anyone with the same skills as Ronald. He exhibits an outstanding knowledge and flair for marketing communications, coupled with exceptional understanding of the various production processes and technologies – which has always allowed us to make balanced choices in our communication.

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