Your free Google Account – the key to Google products for your business

Posted in: Marketing Communication Tips- Sep 21, 2010 Comments Off on Your free Google Account – the key to Google products for your business

Google offers loads of free and extremely helpful marketing tools for businesses and solo / auto entrepreneurs – but first you have to create a free account…consider it your access key to all of their services.

Many people operating a small business aren’t yet using the free products and services Google has to offer. When you create an account you can help your business’ marketing efforts with tools such as Google Places (add company description, product information/photos, your location on Google Maps…), Gmail or manage your Google Alerts (to keep on top of industry news – I use that a lot).

You’ll also be able to use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to monitor your website traffic and optimise for better performance or check your website for errors. And more!

Once set up and logged-in you’ll receive more relevant search results in Google – especially since the introduction of Google Instant – which may even help you discover additional key search phrases or words that people are using to find you or your competitors as it predicts what you (and your customers) are searching for.
Setting up a free Google Account takes just seconds – all you need to do is enter your email addess and a password. So, if you’re operating as an auto entrepreneur or small business and haven’t yet created your Google Account – you can do so here.

Talk to you soon.