Will new Google Instant affect small business marketing?

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Last week Google announced the introduction of Google Instant (in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia) and marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) pros across the internet are all abuzz with opinion about how it will affect small business online marketing.

What is Google Instant?

Now, whenever you start typing a search phrase, the Google search engine immediately starts predicting what you are looking for and offers you suggestions in a drop-down box – letter by letter, as you type.

When you are logged-in to your Google account you’ll see it in full action – search results, and the adverts, change on your screen in real-time as you type.

Simply typing the first few letters of your search phrase is enough for Google to predict and suggest what you are looking for (…great for slow typists and also people with big fingers typing on small mobile devices!). You might even find a better search phrase than what you were going to enter (meaning you’ll find what you’re looking for faster).

Reviews and opinions across the internet by marketing and SEO people are divided as usual – either “all will be wonderful” or “doomsday” for small business online marketing has arrived.

The positive reviews claim online search will become more relevant therefore visits to your website may be fewer – but visitor quality will be higher.

The negative reviews point out that big brands and high-ranked websites will receive more click-throughs and therefore small business websites (that haven’t yet reached top rankings) will suffer a drop in traffic or never be found in Google because the searchers won’t need to click through to results on Page 2 or Page 3…

When I tried it out, I found that I was happy to stay on Page One. I didn’t move on to other pages because I simply adjusted my search phrases until I saw what I was after. I felt that Googling was faster for me.

Have you tried Google Instant yet? Share your opinion below.

I don’t think any small business entrepreneur should worry about having a bigger fight on their hands to get to Page One in Google just because Instant has been introduced. If you are already in the habit of producing page descriptions and titles and keywords and everything else relevant to good web page content, you’ll be fine and should keep building on that.

For businesses that are new or deciding to improve their internet presence, Google Instant’s introduction helps to highlight how people actually use (or will be using) search engines. That’s worth knowing. If your potential customers are becoming more efficient finding products and services online, then it makes sense to me that online marketing do the same.

If you haven’t created a Google account yet, you can create a free account here. It just takes two minutes and you’ll have access to many useful business marketing tools for free.

Feel free to add your thoughts on Google Intant below.