Hello and welcome!

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Thanks for dropping by. I hope this new blog helps you to get to know me better and encourages you to share helpful information, ask questions, find answers or just enjoy reading.

The goal is simple: to help busy entrepreneurs and small business owners improve marketing communications activites and find more clients!

Ronald Smith

Oh, by the way, my name is Ronald Smith. No doubt you’ll discover more about me and what I get up to in future blog posts, but just quickly, I’m Scottish (originally from Glasgow), and I live near Toulouse in sunny southwest France.

For more than 30 years now (hard to believe!) I’ve worked in the marketing and communications industry, focussing for the most part on creative production. That is, the process of managing a project from creative development, through technical production and quality, and on to client delivery – using the most efficient (read cheapest and fastest) route possible.

Now, I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with small business owners and solo / auto entrepreneurs as they strive to get the biggest return from their marketing and communications investment.

Worrying about how to spend (often limited) time and resources wisely to attract new business prospects is pretty stressful. When discussing how to market or when to communicate, the best bit about my job is seeing the stress lift from someones face when they hear “No problem, here’s what you do…”.

I hope you benefit from your visit. Come back often. Feel free to add your comments or questions. Now let’s get the show on the road!