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Strategic planning and execution of marketing and communications activities that will attract new customers to your business.

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Services Overview

Marketing Coaching

Marketing coaching helps business managers plan and identify strategic opportunities to reach new customers more effectively and efficiently. Sessions combine consulting advice and coaching techniques for maximum benefit.
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Ideas & Content

Quality creative ideas and written text for use in your digital and print communications…your website…your social media campaigns. The ‘tone’ will suit your audience and ‘calls-to-action’ will be effective. Relevant marketing messages – delivered to the right place at the right time for the right response. Read more…

Looking Good

Logo design, print, website design. Exhibitions, sales presentations and more. We ensure that the ‘look’ is right and the messages – even subtle ones – are loud, clear and efficiently produced.  We can try a few approaches, but we prefer to get it right the first time. Here’s how…

Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager is the ideal solution for business managers. Don’t have time to manage a blog or build a social media presence? Affordable social marketing solutions tailored to your specific needs.  Spend less time worrying about social marketing and concentrate more on servicing your clients. Wouldn’t you prefer to do that?  Go social…

What my clients are saying…

AZ Consulting / Strategy-CRM.com

Ronald is a delight to work with. He really knows what he’s doing! Believe me! He did great work on my Strategy-CRM website AND provided me with coaching that gives me REAL VALUE on how I present my business’s personality to clients. He has a great story to tell about customers and makes it feel like second nature when it comes to “building your storefront window” for your customers. Passion, Value and Excellent Customer Service!

Alain Cadorette
Director, AZ Consulting, Netherlands

British International Business Network Toulouse

Thanks Ronald for modernising our bibnt.com website with a refreshing new look. It was just what we needed. Not only is the content relevant and interesting, but most importantly it works… An increasing membership list was what we wanted and that’s what the site is doing…

Heather Hughes-McVeigh
President, BiBNT

The Lofts Toulouse

…our new blog site is excellent and I love the fact that it is easy to navigate and so easy to update. Thanks too ‘Coach Ronaldo’ for so many helpful ideas – marketing our short-term rental apartments in Toulouse is a lot more fun knowing I’m not wasting my time!

Marie Mathers
Manager, The Lofts Toulouse

MedEd Europe

Ronaldo is BRILLIANT. Thanks to him, I will be doing more of the work I love doing and less of the stuff I can’t be bothered with. He knows so much about marketing and what websites can do, full of ideas.

Karen Bridgwater
MedEd Europe

Toulouse Walking Tours

Toulouse Walking Tours - A SmithMarComms Satisfied ClientRonald did a fantastic piece of web based marketing for Toulouse Walking Tours to promote sales of our gift vouchers in time for Christmas. Eye-catching, informative & it worked by attracting new customers – what more can we say!

Penny Dickinson
Toulouse Walking Tours

International Montessori School

Previously I honestly thought that marketing and communications was something that only big companies could do…since your coaching sessions I’ve discovered things I didn’t know our competition was doing and I’m gaining confidence in an area that just caused me stress before…It was a few hours of tough learning I admit, but I know our Montessori School will definitely benefit.

Maria McAdam
Principal Teacher,
International Montessori School Grenade


Great help! Thanks for teaching this old dog some new tricks!

Martin Mowat
Commercial Director, Breeze-France.com
French Property Search